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York Vision International offers the finest selection of quality eyewear in Cincinnati, OH and the surrounding areas. We are proud to provide custom fit eyewear that meets each customer's specific needs and style preferences. Customer service is our top priority and we will do everything we can to ensure your complete satisfaction. To learn more about what we have to offer, contact York Vision International today.

History of York Vision


In the late 1880's, the 14 year-old grandfather of Clifford York ran away from home and joined the circus. He worked for the medicine man traveling from town to town selling patent medicine. He became interested in selling eyeglasses, and shortly thereafter, was examining eyes, grinding lenses and fitting eyeglasses. He continued selling eyeglasses long after left the circus. On a visit to Cincinnati, he met Cliff's grandmother. They married and remained in Cincinnati where in 1905 Cliff's grandfather founded Queen Optical (Palace Theater building). In 1949, Cliff's father, Dr. Herschel York, joined the family business, and in 1976, Cliff joined his father.


Yvette Risk joined York Vision in 2015 and purchased the business June 2017




In the late 80's, Yvette was introduced to the optical industry in Los Angeles where she was raised. In the early 90's, she became a licensed optician for eyeglasses and contact lenses. As it so happens, she married a man in the optical industry whose job took their family (two children came along in the 90's) around the world to open eyeglass stores. After many

years of travel, the Risk family has now permanently settled in Cincinnati, Ohio. The optical pull is strong within their brood. Yvette and Craig's son, Eric, is now a licensed optician, and their daughter, Kylie is

considering optometry as a profession.


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